Creality Polypropylene Plate Bed Platform - 1

Creality Polypropylene Plate Bed Platform

Reference: SP_005

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for Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro and CR20 235x235





Thickness: 1mm
* Cleaning is optional, and smooth, using a damp cloth.
* The surface will still maintain adhesion even when dirty.
* Can be attached directly onto the silicone heating pad.
* Can be connected directly to your glass bed using clips or tape.
* Works hugely well with ABS, PLA, wood and many other types of filament.
* Large prints are easily removed with the aid of a small scraper.
* When your prints are complete, and the build plate has cooled, parts can be removed by hand.
* Strong adhesion properties firmly hold your pieces to the bed while printing.
* None of the drawbacks of glass, and is much lighter and stronger.
* Consistent, reliable prints.
* Made from durable, rigid material with long service life. It will not accidentally break.
* No more wasting hours of your time using tape and low-quality build surfaces.

* Carefully level the print bed before printing.
* Choose the appropriate bed temperature for the filament you are using

Filament Material Bed Temperature(°C) Recommended(°C)
PLA 50-70 60
Flexible filament 50-70 60
ABS 100-125 110
PC 100-130 120
Nylon 90-120 110
PP 100-130 120
PETG 50-70 60

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